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Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark by NaturesWay
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•  Total Carbohydrate - 1 g - <1 %DV
•  Cascara sagrada (bark) - 850 mg - * %DV
Caution: Do not use when nausea or vomiting are present unless directed by a doctor. Consult a doctor if you notice a sudden change in bowel habits that persist over 2 weeks. Rectal bleeding or failure to move bowels after use may indicate a serious condition. Discontinue use and consult a doctor.Vcaps is a trademark of Capsugel.
Product Size/Type
180 VCap
Take at bedtime as needed with a full glass of water. Adults & Children age 12 and over: Take 1-2 capsules.Children under 12 years of age: Consult a doctor.Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not take for more than 1 week as frequent or prolonged use may result in dependence.
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