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NatureWorks Flu & Cold Times by NaturesWay
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Suggested Alternative - Umcka Cold

Stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms and provides the following activities:Analgesic-AntipyreticDecongestantAntihistamineCough Suppressant

•  Echinacea angustifolia
•  Aconitum 3X
•  Belladonna 3x
•  Eupatorium perfoliatum 3x
Uses: Temporary relief of fever chills, post-nasal drip, head and chest congestion, minor sore throat pain, cough, body aches, pains and soreness associated with cold and flu.
Product Size/Type
1.69 fl oz drops
Adults and children over 2: At the onset of symptoms take 30-50 drops, then 10-20 drops every hour. When symptoms have decreased, take 20-30 drops 3 times daily. Because the active ingredients are easily absorbed by the mucous membranes, keep the drops in the mouth for 15 seconds before swallowing.
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